Family Law

What to Consider Before Selecting a Divorce Lawyer

Whether you and your partner are in the process of divorcing or have filed for divorce already, an expert San Antonio divorce attorney can guide you through the decisions that need to be made. The top lawyer will also know how to settle your case stress-free and in a timely manner. It is best to work with an experienced lawyer with a successful track record who has handled situations similar to yours in the past. Asking around or doing an internet search will help you locate a skilled divorce lawyer.
For any family, going through a divorce may be extremely painful. You will have to deal with a number of concerns, like as child custody, property distribution, and alimony payments. Your attorney will make sure that your rights are upheld and will lead you through the entire procedure. You can file a petition for a protection order or for a temporary separation with the help of a competent San Antonio divorce lawyer.
San Antonio and its environs are served by The Law Offices of Randy Mora. The organization manages family law matters, including divorce, child support, and custody, and offers guidance in the preparation of prenuptial agreements. The company also assists clients in obtaining protection or restraining orders against those who commit domestic abuse. Together, the attorneys at this firm have more than 20 years of legal expertise.
Residents in the surrounding area and the metropolitan area of San Antonio are served by Bandoske & Butler, Attorneys at Law. It deals with a range of situations, such as contentious and uncontested property split and divorces involving both civilians and military members. In addition, its lawyers can handle cases including visitation rights, child custody, and spousal maintenance.
This legal practice opened its doors in 2015. It helps people with situations involving domestic abuse and paternity as well as other family law matters, such as divorce processes. It also assists auto accident victims in pursuing financial recompense from careless individuals or insurance providers. Arriaga has been practicing law for more than 30 years.
The San Antonio-area clients are served by the Law Offices of Carrington Smyth, which was established in 2014. It helps families resolve disputes involving prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, divorces, adoptions, and other family law issues. The founders of the company hold licenses to practice law in both Texas and the US.
James P. Peterson’s law office opened its doors in 1986. Its group of knowledgeable lawyers handles a wide range of family law matters, including as divorce, child custody, and spousal support. The legal practice can also help customers with wills and trusts and other estate planning issues. It can also draft powers of attorney and heirship affidavits. Both Spanish and English are offered for its services. Prospective clients can schedule a free consultation with the legal company.