Family Law

How to Pick the Best Family Law Attorney for Your Requirements

A family law attorney offers assistance with matters such as division of marital property, spousal maintenance, and child custody and visitation. In addition, they can assist with restraining orders, adoptions, and legal separations. They can be a lifeline for divorced couples, emancipating individuals, and parents of small children. Regardless of your status—married, single, parent, or child—a Dallas family law company can assist you in handling your legal issues.

All parties engaged in a divorce, including spouses and children, experience stress at this period. Hiring a knowledgeable attorney who can assist you navigate the legal system and obtain a just outcome is crucial. Reputable legal counsel will evaluate your case at no cost to you and charge fair fees. They’ll pay attention to your worries and defend your legal rights.

Divorces in Texas can be difficult, particularly if there are differences over how to divide assets and debts. The Dallas divorce lawyers at Burns Iwuji, PLLC may help with this process by working with you to negotiate fair settlements through realistic compromises. If needed, they will also defend your rights in court.

A full-service legal practice, The Law Firm of Lisa E. McKnight concentrates on defending clients in family law matters. Its family lawyers have extensive expertise settling cases including spousal support, child custody and visitation, and divorce. The Texas Board of Legal Specialization has qualified the founding attorney of the company as a family law specialist. Years of experience in the field, trial work, ongoing legal education, professionalism, and assessments from judges and other attorneys are the foundation for this qualification.

Kris Balekian Hayes is a Dallas family law expert with more than ten years of legal expertise. She concentrates on same-sex and high-asset divorces because they can present particular difficulties that are uncommon in other kinds of cases. She puts a lot of effort into ensuring that their clients have a happy ending and has supported numerous families through trying times.

The 2022 edition of Texas Lawyer named the Dallas office of Orsinger, Nelson, Downing & Anderson (ONDA) as one of the top family law firms in Texas. The firm’s exceptional client service, which includes helping with property division, child custody, and divorce, was the basis for the recognition. It also provides alimony and mediation services.

A family law practice, The Law Offices of Katie L. Lewis, P.C., provides services to customers in Dallas and the surrounding areas. Its lawyers represent clients in divorce, child custody, and alimony cases. The firm wants to assist clients in resolving their disputes amicably out of court. The attorneys on its staff are well-versed in both state and federal legislation that pertain to family law cases. In disputes over custody and divorce, they can also represent clients. The firm is a part of the Texas Bar Association’s Family Law Section.